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Bill Richardson Transport World

One man’s passion started it all. Bill Richardson Transport World gives guests the chance to experience a family legacy that has transformed into the largest private automotive museum collection of its type in the world. With more than 300 classic vehicles, a wearable arts display, children’s zones, and engaging exhibits that will take visitors down memory lane, here you will find something for everybody. Create memories at Bill Richardson Transport World today.

Transport World

Bill Richardson Transport World, Invercargill NZ

The Lodges

The Lodges, Invercargill NZ
  • 0800 151 252 (Ext 4)
  • Get Directions
    23 Anglem Street, Hawthorndale
    Invercargill 9810, New Zealand
  • Reception Hours
    7.30am – 11.00am & 2.00pm – 6.00pm. Contactable via mobile outside of these hours.

Motorcycle Mecca

Classic Motorcycle Mecca, Invercargill NZ

Dig This

Dig This, Invercargill NZ

Invercargill New Zealand

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At Bill Richardson Transport World & CLassic Motorcycle Mecca

Transport World has an ever growing events calendar. From drive in movies and book launches to a wearable art's fashion show - you never know what we have up our sleeves! Keep posted here or sign up to receive our Events & Promotions newsletter. With a huge range of new and exciting things planned for 2019 you will want to stay in touch.   

In fond memory of

Bill Richardson [1940 - 2005]

Bill Richardson was a loving family man, successful businessman and avid truck collector. During his lifetime he amassed a private collection of over 170 trucks. Right up until his untimely death he took great pleasure in his collection, showing guests through and sharing his almost encyclopedic knowledge of trucks. Bill was once quoted as saying "one day I hope someone loves it enough to carry it on". That someone turned out to be Bill's daughter and under her guidance Transport World continues to flourish and grow.


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