Transport World's unique Ford Woody Wagon

20th March 2024

Parked first in line in the extensive collection of Ford V8 classic cars at Bill Richardson Transport World is the 1946 Ford Woody Wagon Super Deluxe.

Purchased from the Den Hartogh Ford Museum (Hillegom) in 2018, The Woody as it commonly referred to by the Transport World team is unique for many reasons.

Sold new in Holland, the vehicle’s speedometer is in kilometres per hour not miles per hour, which is unusual for a car of this era.

What it does tell us though, is the vehicle had been made for the Dutch market.

The Woody has come to Transport World in its original condition and is largely unrestored.

The Ford Woody Wagon car was updated from the previous Woody wagon in 1941 ahead of the uncertainty of World War II.

The design continued the following year and with the vehicles produced as military staff cars from March 1942 until the summer of 1945.

Production of civilian cars resumed in 1945 and the models were produced until 1948, when a new model was released.

This model is understood to be a Deluxe model featured a 239 CID (3.9L) engine, which was rated at 100hp.

The paperwork would suggest that prior to going into the Den Hartogh Ford Museum the vehicle only had one owner.

Keen to see the 1946 Ford Woody Wagon for yourself, get your tickets here.