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Media queries & Shoots

For all media queries, please get in touch with Nicole Sharp in the first instance.

Filming and photography shoots at Transport World

Our team is always happy to hear from commercial and media representatives who would like to arrange a shoot at Transport World.

However, because of the nature of our venues, commercial filming on-site does require a certain level of organisation and support. These requests will, therefore, be subject to approval and may incur a charge.

Our marketing team can assist you with your query. In the first instance, please ensure you provide the following information:

  • Proposed dates, times (including whether you’d like to film outside our standard operating hours), and how long you envisage your shoot will take
  • How many people (cast and crew) will be involved in your shoot
  • Whether you’d like to film with multiple locations as a backdrop
  • Any other specific requirements you have
  • A summary of the content of your filming or photography
  • What you intend to use your footage for

By requesting consent, you agree to our terms and conditions and agree to pay any associated fees set by Transport World. Once the filming or photography request has been approved, an invoice for the relevant cost will be sent. This must be paid before your shoot.

We reserve the right to stop any commercial filming and photography occurring at our venues that have not been appropriately authorised.

Please also note that as Transport World’s visitor attractions are open for the public’s enjoyment year-round and we host many events and programmes, we regret we cannot accommodate all requests.

If you would like to learn more about our Image Use Policy, please review our Terms & Conditions here

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