Henry Ford Letter Cars

Discover what's believed to be the most complete collection of Henry Ford letter cars in the Southern Hemisphere, right here in the spectacular Bill's Shed.

A chronicle of innovation

Henry Ford left an irrevocable mark on the world of motoring. This remarkable collection offers a tangible connection to the past. 

Where friendship meets passion

More than just vehicles, these cars embody a friendship and a shared passion for all things motoring. These revolutionary vehicles were owned by Bill's great mate Jim Cooper, a businessman in Darwin, Australia, who shared a passion for classic cars.

A gallery of distinction

Among these masterpieces of automotive history, you'll find:

  • 1904 Ford Model C Runabout
  • 1904 Ford Model AC Runabout
  • 1905 Ford Model F Phaeton
  • 1906 Ford Model N Runabout
  • 1907 Ford Model K
  • 1907 Ford Model S Runabout
  • 1907 Ford Model R Runabout
  • 1910 Ford Model T Tourer
  • 1915 Ford Model T Phaeton

The ever-elusive Model B

As you stand before this remarkable collection, one vehicle beckons – the Model B. A puzzle piece yet to find its place in this captivating narrative, the Model B remains the one we have not claimed. Yet. 

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