1918 Mack AC

Bill Richardson Transport World is home to the mother of all Macks: the truck that inspired its famous Bulldog moniker and logo.

  • This beast of a model was first introduced at the Boston Truck Show in March 1916
  • It was an instant hit, and its reliability and features meant it was frequently used in WWI
  • It was actually the engineers in the British military who named the American Mack AC truck Bulldog. A trade magazine reported: ‘In appearance these Macks, with their pugnacious front and resolute lines, suggest the tenacious quality of the British Bull Dog’. The idea was quickly adapted by Mack itself and the rest is history!
  • After WWI, this Mack AC was returned to a factory and was converted for the Baltimore Maryland Fire Department
  • However, we can guess that it didn't put out very many fires. When the Transport World workshop stripped it for renovation, it showed little wear in the mechanical parts


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