1935 Ford V8 Flathead

Meet the pinnacle of pre-war small trucks.

While Henry Ford and his company had completely revolutionised the automobile industry shortly after the turn of the 20th Century, by the early 1930s the company had begun to lose steam: and, with competitors including General Motors and Chrysler going from strength-to-strength, slowly but surely the dominant position Ford had established within the industry was eroded.

Then 1935, and Ford’s V8 flathead truck, arrived – and things changed dramatically.

With some clever updates and tweaks incorporated into the 1935 Ford V8 flathead truck, today this particular model is one of the darlings of classic Ford vehicles.

That year Ford’s trucks arrived with all-steel cabs, flaunting curved roof lines and sloped windshields – just some of the design cues drawn from the company’s passenger cars. But this truck was not all style over substance – its 85 horsepower engine packed plenty of punch.

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