Our happiest exhibit yet

4th February 2021

 Have you heard?

The next display Bill Richardson Transport World has lined up is set to be our happiest yet.

Late last year, our museum bought a collection of vintage Happy Meal toys reported to be the biggest in New Zealand. (You can find out more about it here.)

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, McDonald’s head office here in New Zealand came on board too: and Bill Richardson Transport World has now doubled the number of Happy Meal toys for the display. Included in the pieces we acquired from McDonald’s? Probably the coolest car you’ll ever see.

The Filet-O-Fish car was created for an Uber Eats promo a couple of years ago … and we’re so pleased to be able to give it a good home! The logistics of getting it from its storage site in Auckland all the way to the deep south took a bit of work, but after a couple of trips on a trailer, crossing Cook Strait on board the ferry, and the long haul to Invercargill on our transporter, it’s arrived! Staff from both Transport World and HWR Group were the first to see it up close, at a staff family day held here in Invercargill last weekend. It was a big hit – and we’re sure it’s going to bring just as many smiles to our visitors’ faces once it rolls into the museum.

We’re hoping our new exhibit will be up-and-running here within the next couple of months. Keep an eye out – we’ll let you know as soon as we do!