NZ's largest McDonald's Happy Meal toy collection coming south

13th November 2020

One of the things that makes life so special is discovering what you’re passionate about.

Bill Richardson loved classic trucks: so, he started collecting them.

For Auckland woman Marian Burns’ mum Norma and stepfather Charles, it was Happy Meal toys.

Since 1979, the pair has collected the wee toys from McDonald’s. So many of them – more than 1500, in fact – the collection is now believed to be New Zealand’s largest of its kind.

“They started on a shelf in the bedroom downstairs,” Marian says, “then it just went huge.”

“Mum just loved collecting them for the grandies – she just saw them as neat little toys, and they made her happy.”

Norma’s favourite set was the collection of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Norma’s dementia diagnosis saw her move into a care facility earlier this year. To help fund her care, it’s time for Norma’s collection to move on too.

Just the other day, Marian and her mum’s prized collection appeared on Seven Sharp.

That’s where Transport World comes in.

We’re excited to announce that Norma’s incredible collection is coming to Bill Richardson Transport World, with the delightful display set to be revealed to the public early next year.

The collection’s sale has been bittersweet for Marian.

“It has been very emotional. I’m sad I can’t take Mum to see them, but I’m happy that they’re going to a good home. I’m so close to all those pieces, and they’ve meant so much to Mum and our family. I just want them to go somewhere where they’ll be appreciated – I’m thrilled to pieces it’s going to you guys,” she says.

“It’s a dream for me, it’s just awesome.”

Planning is underway for the Happy Meal toy display. Transport World can’t wait to share the collection with you.

And as for Marian?

She’s planning on heading south to see them too.