Bill Richardson was just six years old when his lifelong love of everything trucking began.

Sitting in the cab of Snowy Kidd's 1949 Ford 5 tonner, young Bill's imagination was ignited - that moment sparked a fascination for trucks that endured through one of the most dynamic periods in New Zealand's transport history.

Bill not only made trucks his life's work, forming the transport business that would bear his name - HW Richardson was founded by Bill and still endures even today - but made it his hobby too.

Bill was determined to acquire his grandfather's truck so that he could restore it. Well, he found it - and he soon added to what became a burgeoning collection of vintage trucks: the rare, the unique, the interesting ... Bill loved them all.

He especially loved the classic trucks from his childhood. Classic American trucks from the 1930s were his favourite. Bill soon gained quite the name for himself in vintage truck collector circles - and he quickly became the go-to man to contact, if a classic truck needed a new home. Bill's collection expanded to include trucks of almost every make and model.

He loved sharing his passion with others, too. During his lifetime, Bill Richardson loved nothing more than showing people through his private classic truck collection - especially children. Perhaps he wondered if their visit to see the wonders of his trucks would spark a similar sentiment in the younger generation. Bill's private collection of vintage trucks was highly-regarded by those who shared his interest: in large part due to Bill's meticulous treatment of the vehicles he took under his wing.

From his D1 International through to examples of vehicles the various transport companies housed under the HW Richardson umbrella used, and even his own day-to-day Ford trucks, the Bill Richardson Transport World collection is a lasting legacy to the passion and care Bill poured into his trucks.