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Classic Motorcycles

A truly magnificent collection, Classic Motorcycle Mecca is packed to the brim with American classic motorcycles.  

Amercian classic motorcycles have a distinct history. In the early 1900s many brands in America came and went with only one or two motorcycle models. It was an exciting, innovative time with a lot of different ideas and new technology. We celebrate this unique history at Classic Motorcycle Mecca and throughout the collection guests will find well-known iconic brands such as Henderson, Harley Davidson and Indian. Guests will also find a range of less well-known American brands such as March Metz, Motoscoot, Schwinn, Simms, Thor and Ner-A-Car. Classic Motorcycle Mecca is also the proud owner of a 1912 Flying Merkel.  

Henderson were one of the first American motorcycles to use four-cylinder engines and Thor began by producing V-twin engines for other manufacturers. It wasn’t until the World Wars that the big brands began to stand out. In America it was Indian and Harley Davidson. Demand for bigger engines and bikes created models such as the iconic Indian Chief and Harley-Davidson Knucklehead. After the wars, American motorcycles were competing against the lighter, easier to handle British bikes. But they kept their own powerful style. Today American motorcycles are known for their confidence and power. Highlights include:

1948 Indian Chief Roadmaster

This beautiful Indian Chief Roadmaster is a top of the range Indian Chief model. It features more chrome and equipment than either the Clubman and Sportsman Indian models. In 1991 this motorcycle was restored with quality in mind by the renown Bollenbach engineers. Since then it has only covered 1511 kilometers and is still in peak condition. 

Classic Motorcycle Mecca 1948 Indian Chief Roadmaster Motorcycle Museum Invercargill

1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

Classic Motorcycle Mecca’s 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead is arguably Harley-Davidson’s most defining motorbike. The design of its two valve covers resemble, to some, a clenched fist and encouraged the nickname 'Knucklehead'. The name fits this powerful motorbike. This model needed to be special as it was developed to increase dwindling sales during the American Depression. The Knucklehead featured an entirely new engine and had a stylish art deco fuel tank. This model defined Harley-Davidson as all-American bikes. 

1936 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead, Motorcycle Museum, Classic Motorcycle Mecca

1912 Flying Merkel

Pioneering American motorcycle manufacturer Joseph Merkel was ahead of his time. Merkel developed rear suspension with a mono-shock which gave his Flying Merkel motorcycles a smooth ride. Classic Motorcycle Mecca’s Flying Merkel was a well-known racing bike at the time of its manufacture. Unfortunately the Flying Merkel’s advanced technology made it expensive and cheaper brands drove it out of business by the end of the decade. This particular Flying Merkel was once one of 1,400 vehicles and motorcycles in American casino tycoon Bill Harrah’s collection. It is still in working order!

Classic Motorcycle Mecca 1912 Flying Merkel Motorcycle Museum Invercargill