Texaco Tanker USB Stick: including images & video


One of our best-sellers! Not only is this USB stick handy to have, it's also an excellent way to remember your visit to the Bill Richardson Transport World collection.

This 3D replica of our signature vehicle - Bill Richardson's beloved 1940 Dodge Airflow tanker, affectionately known as 'Tex', is one of just three believed to be left in the world - also comes complete with an extensive selection of images and video (including footage on display within the museum) from the Bill Richardson Transport World archives.

Bill Richardson Transport World is the largest private automotive museum of its type in the world. With more than 300 vintage vehicles - among them some of the rarest in the world - and 250 vintage petrol pumps, this 15,000 sqm collection just keeps going and going. It's safe to say, then, that it is easy to forget some of the little details after just one visit! This novelty USB stick comes complete with exclusive footage (including video and still photography) from inside our collection. 

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