Matakana Botanicals: Apothecary sniff box


Delight in these fragrant sniffboxes from Matakana Botanicals. 8g.

Sleep: A calming sleep-easy blend of neroli, lavender and chamomile. Assists to soothe, comfort and promote relaxation. Ideal for travel and home.

Energise: A breathe-easy blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus, olibanium and pine. Assists to promote energy and well-being. Ideal for colds to make breathing easier.

Recovery: A comforting blend of rose, marjoram, olibanium and black pepper. Assists to ease sadness and to comfort the heart. Ideal when feeling low and in need of a lift.

De-stress: A relaxing blend of lavender, marjoram, ylang ylang and vetiver to ease tension and restore balance. Ideal for busy lifestyles.

Focus: An energising blend of bergamot, lemon and cinnamon to help restore concentration and clarity of thought. Ideal for post-travel jet lag, work, exams and conferences.

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