A Classic World & When The Engine Roars: signed copy


George Begg has been around, and around. He’s led a life of full circles: he’s been a motorcycle racer, competing in some of the world’s best-known circuits such as the Isle of Man. He’s been a race car manufacturer, working from his “toyshop” in the tiny Southland town of Drummond. He raised a family of four, ran a business, was a philanthropist, and more. His love for people and machinery is showcased throughout this signed copy of a classic merging ‘When The Engine Roars’ (chapters 1 – 9 as told to Clive Lind, and chapters 10 – 14 by George Begg) and ‘A Classic World’ – a story for anybody who’s ever been stirred by human ingenuity.

Hard cover

234 pages

Signed by George Begg

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