Classic Motorcycle Mecca Motorcycle Museum Invercargill New Zealand


The back story

Classic Motorcycle Mecca was once known as
New Zealand Classic Motorcycles.

The Classic Motorcycle Mecca collection was previously owned by Tom and Heather Sturgess and housed in Nelson. Tom Sturgess was a very passionate collector of vintage and classic motorcycles. From when Tom purchased his first motorcycle in 2008 to 2016 (when the collection was sold to Transport World) it grew rapidly. During this time over 300 motorcycles were collected. The collection constantly evolved and Tom said he "often bought bikes with his heart rather than his head". 

Having built up an outstanding reputation New Zealand Classic Motorcycles closed to the public in April 2016. Sadly Tom’s health had not been the best and he made the decision to simplify his life by reviewing his assets in both New Zealand and the United States. Offshore offers had been received, but it was Tom’s wish that the collection remain in New Zealand and the move to Invercargill was the best outcome for the country. Tom said at the time “I am sure Invercargill will receive as much enjoyment and make as many new friends as we have”.