Classic Motorcycle Mecca Brough Superior Motorcycle Museum Invercargill
Classic Motorcycle Mecca Motorcycle Museum Invercargill New Zealand
Classic Motorcycle Mecca Motorcycle Museum Invercargill
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Classic Motorcycles

As New Zealand's premiere motorcycle museum, Classic Motorcycle Mecca has a bike for everyone. 

The motorcycle was born in Europe. Germans Hildebrand & Wolfmüller produced the first commercial motorcycle in 1894. From then on multiple motorcycles were created and their popularity spread throughout the continent. The First World War ramped up production and required reliable, light motorcycles. Brands such as Triumph, AJS, BSA, BMW and Norton met these demands and began to dominate the Europe market. After World War Two, British motorcycles in particular become more popular as they were reputedly lighter, easier to handle and more powerful than the big American motorcycles.

Germany had gained a reputation for technological excellence and BMW represented that. Countries like Italy kept a slice of the motorcycle market with brands such as Ducati and Moto Guzzi. European motorcycles became faster, easier to handle and sold well until Japanese brands moved in in the 1960s. Since then, European brands have become classic motorcycles of a bygone era – with a few exceptions of course!   

Classic Motorcycle Mecca houses over 60 manufacturers. Both European and British motorcycles are well represented. Guests will find well-known BMW motorcycles and Denmark’s Nimbus Stovepipe and Bumble-Bee motorcycles. A large selection of British motorcycles also feature with classics such as the Norton Manx, BSA A10 and Brough Superior SS. Highlights include:

1937 Brough Superior SS100  

Classic Motorcycle Mecca has the largest display of Brough Superiors in the Southern Hemisphere. The highlight of this bunch and widely considered to be the Rolls Royce of Motorcycles is the 1937 Brough Superior SS100. The 1937 Brough Superior represents the top of the range in motorcycle luxury. The magnificent SS100 was named for its reputed top speed of 100 mph (161kmph). Classic Motorcycle Mecca's Brough Superior SS100 underwent a full restoration in 1990 by UK specialist J W Tennant-Eyles and was featured in Cycle World magazine. With its optional chromed mudguards, nickel-plated fuel tank, fishtail exhausts and leather-faced tool boxes, this SS100 Brough Superior is every inch a superb example of the marque that became known as 'the Rolls Royce of motorcycles'.  

Classic Motorcycle Mecca 1937 Brough Superior Motorcycle Museum Invercargill 

2007 Vincent Black Shadow 

Classic Motorcycle Mecca's British 2007 Vincent Black Shadow is very unique. The fast and sporty Black Shadow model went out of production in the 1950s but the Vincent Owners Club found they had enough parts and information to produce a completely new Black Shadow in 2007. They used their spare company stock and a newly manufactured frame and front fork. The frame and engine even have new numbers which fit in with the original series used by the Vincent factory. It is the only 2007 Vincent Black Shadow in existence. 

Classic Motorcycle Mecca Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle Museum Invercargill 

1974 Ducati 750SS

Classic Motorcycle Mecca's Italian 1974 Ducati 750SS is the road version of a very impressive super bike that won the legendary Imola 200 Race. The Ducati 750SS has desmo valves which were invented by Ducati engineer Fabio Taglioni and conrods carved from solid bars of metal. Classic Motorcycle Mecca's Ducati is special because it was the only 750SS to come to the South Island of New Zealand.

Classic Motorcycle Mecca 1974 Ducati 750SS Motorcycle Museum Invercargill