Classic Motorcycle Mecca Invercargill classic motorcycles NZ Classic Motorycles Tom Sturgess
Classic Motorcycle Mecca Invercargill classic motorcycles 1965 Triumph Cub
Classic Motorcycle Mecca Invercargill classic motorcycles 1960 BMW R50
Classic Motorcycle Mecca Invercargill classic motorcycles 1925 Douglas CW
Classic Motorcycle Mecca Invercargill classic motorcycles 1950 Triumph Tiger 100
Classic Motorcycle Mecca Invercargill classic motorcycles 1915 New Hudson V1A

How Classic Motorcycle Mecca began

  • 30 May 2017

The huge collection of vintage and classic motorcycles at Classic Motorcycle Mecca were all collected by one passionate man: Tom Sturgess, a businessman who lives in Nelson, New Zealand. His collection grew rapidly. From Tom’s first bike purchase in 2008 to when Tom sold his collection to Transport World in 2016 he had collected over 300 bikes! His collection constantly evolved and Tom often bought bikes with his heart rather than his head. Tom has created a diverse and interesting collection that is truly world class. Here are the first 5 bikes he collected that you can see on display at Classic Motorcycle Mecca.


1965 Triumph Cub

This was the bike that started it all. Tom saw it at the Nelson Classic and Vintage motorcycle show in January 2008, and had to have it. It was restored in Christchurch from a box of parts.


1960 BMW R50

This beautiful classic BMW was professionally restored in 2007 by BMW specialist Craig ‘Vech’ Vechorik of Bench Mark Works in Sturgis, Mississippi. It won ‘Best in Show – European’ in a California motorcycle show.


1925 Douglas CW

This bike was purchased in March 2008 just two months from Tom’s first purchase and created diversity in the collection, from 1960s to vintage bikes. It has undergone a restoration at some point in time and is equipped with very rare period optional extras including a Powell & Hammer Electric lighting kit and rear-view mirror.


1950 Triumph T100

This was Tom’s second Triumph and the start of a trend: the collection now has 28 Triumphs! This one was purchased from a private vendor in Rancho Cucamonga, California, in March 2008. It had undergone a complete restoration with the correct chronometric speedometer, the correct remote Amal carburettor and manual-advance BTH ‘TT’ magneto and a beaded front mudguard.


1915 New Hudson VI.A

This example was purchased by Tom from a collector in Masterton, New Zealand, in March, 2008. It has a VIN and has been registered and dated as authentic by the NZ Vintage Car Club. When purchased, it had been fitted with new tyres and its magneto had been rebuilt.


The entire collection came to Invercargill in 2016, and is now displayed in two restored buildings for all to see. Come and see them for yourself at Classic Motorcycle Mecca! 


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