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Eight Excited New Team Members Join Dig This

  • 12 September 2017

Eight very excited new team members started at Dig This Invercargill this week. In total, Dig This Invercargill has created a variety of positions which range from management, reception and on-field instructors. The new team has had to hit the ground running and are being kept busy learning about their new roles whilst helping prepare the new site at 84 Otepuni Ave to open on Monday, 2 October.   

There is a lot to pick up, especially, for the newly created on-field instructor positions. A huge part of the Dig This experience, the instructors will personally guide every guest through their chosen ‘Big Kid’ ride. These roles are in place so that every guest not only has a huge amount of fun, but constantly feels supported and in control. Dig This Invercargill has eight new ‘Big Kid’ rides on offer which include the Big Dig Excavator, Big Push Bulldozer, Aggression Session, Dig & Destroy, Mega Dig, Mighty Dig and Loads Of Fun Skid Steer Experience. All 'Big Kid' experiences are for ages 14+.      

One of Dig This Invercargill’s new instructors Colin Lindsay says “I really wanted to work at Dig This Invercargill. It’s just a fun and unique experience. It’s also absolutely awesome for Invercargill. I didn’t realise it but Dig This is currently not offered anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere! It’s so cool that we now have this in Invercargill and that I get to work here”.

Dig This Invercargill is New Zealand’s first heavy equipment playground. Designed to be a huge amount of fun, Dig This is a light hearted, interactive attraction that is kind of crazy (in a good way). Dig This gives guests the opportunity to operate bulldozers and diggers themselves, whilst challenging themselves to a series of games and activities. Outside of the Big Kid rides, Mini Digs are available for children (ages 4+) and any adult who is not quite ready for the big machines. These fixed position excavators are designed to offer a great introduction into the world of heavy machinery. Dig This also has a number of group booking options, with various group sizes ranging from 5-54 people. 

For further information, please contact:

Dig This Invercargill
Lex Chisholm
Dig This Invercargill Manager
021 342 812 

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