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Ed Mumm talks to us about Dig This Las Vegas

  • 15 September 2017

Ed Mumm is the creative mind behind Dig This. The concept came to him as he had an 'absolute blast' landscaping his section in Colorado in 2007. Since then, Dig This has gone from strength to strength and is today one of Las Vegas' most popular attractions.   

Dig This Invercargill will be New Zealand's first heavy equipment playground and the first attraction of it's type to open in the Southern Hemisphere. Below Ed tells Transport World why Dig This is so much fun and why he thinks Invercargill is such a great place for the new attraction. 

So what is Dig This? 

Dig This is the world’s first ever heavy equipment playground. It lets folks play on huge earth moving equipment in a fun and safe adult sized sandbox or gravel pit.

What made you think of Dig This? How did the attraction come together? 

My wife and I built a home in Colorado and decided to do the earth work ourselves. After being on a 20 Ton Digger for a couple of hours and without much experience, I was having a blast. It then occurred to me, if I was having this good of a time, imagine the people who would want to do this kind of experience but can’t.

I then researched the concept to see if anyone else was doing this in America and no one was. From there, Dig This was born. It took a few years to perfect as no one had done this type of attraction before, but through trial and error, good persistence and feedback from our customers, Dig This has became a sort after experience.

What makes Dig This so much fun?

What's not to like! Guests get to harness the controls of 20 ton machinery. Digging these massive holes is super empowering and everyone leaves with a huge sense of accomplishment.

What sets Dig This apart from other tourist attractions? 

The thing that sets Dig This apart from other attractions is that we can literally crush our competition!

Seriously, our Mission Statement says it all:

Dig This provides exceptional experiences that help people forget their lives for a brief moment and regain their sense of confidence, accomplishment and adventure.

Who is a typical Las Vegas customer?  


So you get all sorts? What is the split between males and females?

Fun fact: 50% of our customers are woman. 

We have heard that women are often better operators?
Would you say this is true?

Guys are usually really good at digging themselves into a hole literally….but woman tend to dig a tad deeper, as often they listen to instruction better and don't put as much pressure on themselves. However, it's usually all sorted out towards the end, so there is no hurt feelings. We want everyone to have a laugh and a great time.  

It must be exciting for you as a Kiwi to bring Dig This to New Zealand. Yes?

Very much so! I’m really looking forward to coming to Invercargill for the launch of Dig This. It is exciting that Transport World has included Dig This in their portfolio of amazing experiences. Being a Kiwi, having grown up in the South, it is especially exciting to bring this experience from Las Vegas to a great location in New Zealand. 

Why do you think Invercargill is such a great place for Dig This?

Travelers are always looking for new and different things to do. The same applies for businesses looking for the next best thing in team building or as an add on to a convention, event or meeting. Invercargill has quickly grown into a place where travellers and businesses can come and enjoy world-class experiences. Dig This, Bill Richardson Transport World and Classic Motorcycle Mecca are "must do's". Invercargill is emerging as one of New Zealand’s classic Kiwi destinations and is a great option for travellers looking for adventures outside of tourist saturated destinations such as Queenstown, Wanaka and Fiordland.

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