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Classic Motorcycle Mecca Expansion & Redevelopment Underway

  • 1 February 2018

Huge changes are underway at Classic Motorcycle Mecca in Invercargill. Throughout 2018 a large expansion and redevelopment project will take place which aims to transform the existing collection into Australasia’s premier motorcycle museum. The project officially kicked off today, with local building firm Henderson Construction beginning deconstruction work within existing under-developed floor levels. In total around 30 local suppliers will be involved in this project, with work not expected to interrupt day to day operations at either Classic Motorcycle Mecca or Meccaspresso Cafe.

Joc O’Donnell, Transport World Director says “It’s a very exciting year for Classic Motorcycle Mecca and Transport World. We have been looking forward to progressing this development for quite some time. The new space is not only going to be larger but completely different from what is currently on display. The ways we are planning to present our content and exhibits is not only new for Motorcycle Mecca but also Transport World. We can’t wait for our guests to see it”.   

Post development guests can expect a big change to the exhibition space within Motorcycle Mecca. A much broader attraction is being developed in partnership with Transport World and Wellington based experience design specialists Gibson Group. A lot of the existing 300+ classic motorcycles are set to remain in the collection but their accompanying information and presentation will be significantly different. Unique exhibition concepts are currently under development and they include a much wider scope of motorcycle themes, interactive displays, technological improvements and family friendly exhibits.  

Excitingly once complete, the revised Motorcycle Mecca space will also house many new bikes from a much wider pool of motorbike interests. Some of these new inclusions will include (but not limited to) Japanese bikes, Motocross and Speedway. The diversification of the Motorcycle Mecca collection is being made possible through the creation of more exhibit space and the generous offers of long term loans from some of New Zealand’s best private motorbike collections.  

Physical changes within the building will also be drastic and include continued, extensive earthquake strengthening. A new single entrance for both Motorcycle Mecca and Meccaspresso is set to be established. A Wood Street entrance is also being developed to make parking easier for guests visiting via motorhomes and coaches. Once completed, all levels above Meccaspresso café will be redeveloped and both buildings (formally 25-27 Street) will be completely restored.    

An official opening date for the revamped Motorcycle Mecca is expected in late 2018.  

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