Merry Christmas

23rd December 2021


Wherever you’re spending it, and whomever you’re celebrating with, I hope the upcoming festive season is a bright spot to see out 2021.

It’s safe to say the past year has been a challenging one, but the support of our community has meant so much to all of us here at Transport World. We have loved sharing our collection with those of you who visited in 2021, and we have plenty in store for everybody keen to pop in over a – touch wood – sunny Southland summer. From our limited-time-only pedal car exhibit, to our usual crowd pleasers like the LEGO room (yes, it’s back in action!), wearable arts and more vintage vehicles than you can shake a stick at, Bill Richardson Transport World is the perfect place to create some new memories as we head into a new year.

From our team to yours, I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Joc O'Donnell

Transport World executive director