Meet one of the rarest cars in the world

16th October 2017

One of the rarest trucks in the world, Bill Richardson Transport World’s 1940 Dodge Airflow a.k.a. the ‘Texaco Tanker’ will be driven in the Southland Truck Parade this weekend. Never paraded in New Zealand, it is considered so unique and rare it is highly unlikely that the Texaco Tanker will ever be driven on New Zealand roads again. The Texaco Tanker is thought to be the only working truck of its kind in the world and one of only three that are restored.     

Bill Richardson’s pride and joy, it is today considered the collections signature vehicle. It arrived in New Zealand in 1992 as a shell of its former self. It took four years of dedicated and passionate restoration work to reclaim its original glory and today guests will find it displayed within Bill’s Shed at Bill Richardson Transport World. So special to the collection, its gorgeous 1930’s design inspired Bill Richardson Transport World’s Art Deco façade.

This once in a lifetime occasion is happening due to the release of Transport World’s first children’s book ‘The Story Of Tex, The 1940 Dodge Airflow Tanker’ which celebrates Bill Richardson, the Texaco Tanker, its restoration and Invercargill. Designed for children of all ages it will hit the shelves of Transport World’s attractions from Friday, 20 October 2017. The new book is also in celebration of Bill’s 77th birthday, which is on Tuesday, 17 October 2017.

Joc O’Donnell, Transport World Executive Director says “Dad loved this truck and always took a lot of time to engage with children, I actually couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate ‘The Life Of Tex’ than to take the Texaco Tanker out for a drive. It’s such a beautiful truck, the whole team can’t wait to see it on the road”.

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