LEGO room bigger and better than ever

4th February 2021

Everybody loves our LEGO room.

If you think this part of our museum is just for kids – think again. If your family is looking for fun things to do in Invercargill, we can guarantee this will be a crowd-pleaser.

Even better? This favourite for the whole family just got even cooler, thanks to LUG South.

Boasting more than 120 members and a registered charity, the club is largely made up of AFOLs (that’s Adult Fans of Lego, for the uninitiated) but is welcoming to all ages and abilities. The oldest club member is more than 80 years old, while the youngest member whose work has been exhibited in the past is just five.

Members get together to share their passion for the beloved Scandinavian toy with the public at events throughout the southern region, raising much-needed funds for charities within the community.

(Largely, its charitable endeavours support children with medical challenges and difficulties.)

Club founder and secretary Gavin Evans says he hopes the pieces LUG South has loaned Bill Richardson Transport World encourage other people to not only get involved with the club – the southernmost of its kind in the world – but fuels their own creativity.

“I’d love for it to be a little bit of an inspiration to other people,” he says.

“It would be great if it inspired people to go home to their own stuff, and have a go with their own creations. There’s just so much you can do with LEGO. Anything kids, or adults, can think of – you can build it.”

Club member Keith Blackwood and his daughter Tiffany are among those whose work is on display here. Of them, Keith says his favourite pieces would be a toss-up between either the Bugatti or the Lamborghini – both took about four nights to complete, with each piece clocking in at a few thousand bricks.

Keith, who describes himself as “LEGO mad”, has been a club member for the last three or so years.

“I’ve always been into it, I’ve always had it. Three or four years ago, we were sitting there watching a documentary about LEGO and they were building The Beatles’ yellow submarine. A couple of weeks later we were in Toyworld and there it was on the shelf, so I bought it … and it’s just grown from there,” he says.

LUG South plans to add more pieces to its display in our LEGO room, with the goal being to keep the display cases fully stocked. Pieces will be rotated every six months or so.

Come and see these incredible builds for yourself – book your tickets here today.

For more information on LUG South, including how you can get involved, click here.