Discover this wee delight

16th September 2021

Meet the latest addition to Bill Richardson Transport World: a replica of the well-known, real-life manor found just a couple of hours up the road in Dunedin.

This teeny, tiny Chingford House was donated to our museum earlier this year.

Chingford House was located in North East Valley in Dunedin. While the house has long since been demolished, the property on which it once stood is today a public park – Chingsford Park. Walk down the driveway lined by mature trees today, and it is not hard to imagine its history as home to a grand manor.

The property has a fairly illustrious history - it belonged to one of the city's well-known businessmen, who just so happens to be the great-grandfather to Kiwi actor Sam Neill - and this miniature version has already captivated plenty of guests visiting Bill Richardson Transport World.

Want to admire some of its little features in person, or learn more about the real-life Chingford House? There's plenty of family fun to be had here at our museum. 

Pop on in to Bill Richardson Transport World to see our Chingford House dollhouse for yourself - click here to book your tickets today.