Discover something a little bit special

12th June 2020

If you’ve ever visited Bill Richardson Transport World, you’ll know that our entire collection boasts a level of detail that has to be seen to be believed.

From the moment guests walk into Bill’s Shed, they’re blown away by elements that create a truly immersive and world-class experience: we’ve got a thing with wheels, and it shows.

That eye for detail is all thanks to our executive director, Joc O’Donnell: daughter of the late Bill Richardson, whose vintage vehicle display began a family legacy that has evolved into a hub of visitor attractions here in Invercargill.

And her latest idea? It’s no exception.

Next time you’re here at Bill Richardson Transport World, make sure you keep your eyes peeled: because thanks to Joc and the rest of the Transport World team, our collection is now home to some delightful little creations the whole family will love.

“Bill Richardson Transport World is home to some of the most beautiful vintage vehicles in the world, but our collection is so much more than trucks and cars. We’ve got something for everybody here,” Joc says. “We’re always looking for ways we can continue to make our guests smile, and one of the ways we can do that is to incorporate new details that they haven’t seen before.”

And that’s where the Transport World hidey-holes come in.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, staff including Joc herself busied themselves with a bit of D.I.Y: Transport World-style, of course.

The result? A series of vignettes tucked throughout the museum, showcasing a variety of spaces featuring Transport World’s signature flair. 

Who knew Bill Richardson Transport World would one day be home to a florist, in-house supermarket, a dance studio, and even a farm!

“They turned out so well: the team really did a great job,” Joc says. “We put a lot of effort into the details within our museums. Our hidey-holes might be on a much smaller scale, but you can tell the team put the same level of care into getting these just right.”

The hidey-holes are a chance for families to create even more memories together during their visit to Bill Richardson Transport World. But remember - if you're keen to spot these little scenes, keep your eyes low.

“The hidey-holes are really cute. I hope people will have a lot of fun searching for and discovering them around the place,” Joc says.