Celebrating the spirit of the season by giving back

17th December 2019

Transport World is closing 2019 by taking a small step on our sustainability journey.

We have had plenty of conversations within the office about how we can make a meaningful difference to our community, and tread lightly on our natural environment. Many of the decisions we make as a business have sustainability in mind but even the smallest of steps can make a difference, and we’d like to close the decade out by ensuring we begin the next one with an enhanced focus on this.

This Christmas, the Transport World team opted not to send Christmas cards out to its valued clients, guests, suppliers and industry partners. Instead, our TW Events & Incentives manager Adam Reinsfield played a key role in establishing a partnership with a worthy local cause – the Southland Community Nursery. Christmas seemed a fitting time to give back, and support an organisation making a difference within our community.

Based in Otatara, just outside of Invercargill, and run by Chris and Brian Rance, the Southland Community Nursery encourages people to become active in conservation efforts, promotes educational opportunities for our young people, and inspires our community to protect Southland’s natural environment.

TW Events & Incentives and Transport World will, this Christmas, make a financial contribution to the Southland Community Nursery. This will be used by the organisation to purchase educational resources it can use to continue educating school groups about our native flora and fauna.

This may sound small, but we hope it will be the start of a sustainability journey that continues to grow. TW Events & Incentives will, in 2020, sign up to the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment.

This commitment establishes eight goals for the tourism industry to attain by 2025: ranging from reducing the adverse impacts associated with visitors, contributing to protecting and restoring New Zealand’s biodiversity, and implementing waste reduction and management programmes to make sure that the footprint we are leaving behind is as small as possible.

We’re proud of our sustainability efforts so far: from upcycling as many building materials as possible during the renovation of Classic Motorcycle Mecca, to committing to using crockery, cutlery and glassware at all events, encouraging recycling within our office environment, and supporting our catering team’s commitment to providing food wastage to a local pig farmer.

They might be small steps, but they’re headed in the right direction.

We’ll keep you updated on our sustainability journey throughout 2020.