‘One day’, Bill said, ‘I hope somebody cares enough to carry it on’.

After Bill’s sudden death in 2005, his daughter Jocelyn O’Donnell took on responsibility not just for Bill’s transport company, HWR, but for caring for her father’s beloved collection of vintage trucks. Bill's collection has evolved into an incredible tribute to a patriarch, layered in with wheel-related treasures beloved by his wider family.

Bill’s family has fulfilled his wish to carry on his love of everything wheels, infusing his astounding collection of classic trucks with their own automotive interests to create a truly world-class experience.

From Bill's admiration of classic American trucks hailing from the 1930s and 1940s, through to daughter Joc's love of the Volkswagen Kombi, her husband Scott O'Donnell's passion for fast cars - Porsche and Ford race cars among them - and their children's love of Citroens, Minis, and more, Bill Richardson Transport World is a truly heart-warming, personal experience celebrating not just the history of classic vehicles but an ever-evolving family legacy too.