Interactive Fun

You won’t find any stuffy glass display cases here – Bill Richardson Transport World’s collection is designed to bring plenty of interactive fun to visitors of all ages.

Our myriad photo opportunities will give guests plenty of reasons to smile. Jump aboard Invercargill’s first passenger bus – affectionately known by locals as ‘Old Smilie’ – and relive memories of your own school days.

Next up is our display dedicated to the remake of the Kiwi cult classic film Goodbye Pork Pie: visitors to Bill Richardson Transport World can clamber into our bright yellow Mini Cooper and snap a picture of their own movie moment – make sure you brush up and deliver your line, ‘we’re takin’ this bloody car to Invercargill!’ with plenty of cinematic panache.

For those keen to get behind the wheel of one of the many trucks our museum calls home, Harold’s Shed is where you’ll find a replica perfect for a photo opportunity. Kids especially love hopping in the cab and can even stretch out for a snooze like a real truckie.

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