The Castle

Mon, 5th Aug 2024: 5.30 - 10.00 PM

Movie length: 1h 25m   Rating: M

*Please note that the vehicle ticket prices cover the admission for each individual seat in the vehicle (i.e. If you purchase a two-seater car, this includes 2x guest admissions).



The Castle is a beloved Australian comedy that captivates audiences with its unique blend of humor, heart, and underdog spirit. Set in the working-class suburbs of Melbourne, the film follows the Kerrigan family, who lead a simple and contented life in their modest home nestled next to an airport runway.

However, their peaceful existence is disrupted when they receive a compulsory acquisition notice from the government, threatening to seize their beloved family home to expand the airport. Led by patriarch Darryl Kerrigan, brilliantly portrayed by Michael Caton, the family refuses to give up without a fight.

With unwavering determination and a healthy dose of Aussie ingenuity, the Kerrigans take on the might of the legal system in a David-versus-Goliath battle to save their home. Along the way, they rally support from their quirky neighbors, endure comical courtroom antics, and ultimately prove that the true value of a home goes far beyond its monetary worth.

Movie rating: M- These films contain material that requires a mature perspective. The content is moderate.

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Key Details

  • Each guest will receive a hotdog, a drink & popcorn to share between two
  • Cash bar & lollies available
  • Doors open at 5.30pm for a 6pm start
  • At 7pm there will be a 30min intermission.