Classic truck collection

Bill Richardson’s love for trucks started early – from the moment his feet touched the running boards of Snowy Kidd’s 1949 Ford. Bill was just six years old then, but that moment changed his life.

Bill Richardson began collecting truck brochures that same year. After leaving school to work for his father’s construction business, he began to follow his real passion: trucks. He became manager of his first business, Southern Transport, in his early twenties and his business interests grew from there into what is today known as HWR – New Zealand’s largest privately-owned transport business.

To say trucks were a big part of Bill Richardson’s life is an understatement: trucks were his work, and his hobby. He always wanted to get his hands on his grandfather’s 1933 International D1, and in 1967 he purchased his very first classic truck to restore.

Bill’s vintage truck collection has its roots in American classics from the 1930s and 1940s, but has since grown far beyond that. Bill Richardson Transport World is home to vintage and veteran trucks predating the 1930s, right up to the modern day.

Our collection is home to virtually every make and model of truck you could think of. Our collection boasts them all, from Macks to REO trucks, Ryal Bush Transport’s iconic Deer Hunter (possibly the best-known ERF truck in all of New Zealand), Bill Richardson’s very own Ford F150s and even a 1914 Stewart 1 Ton (the only known survivor of its make left in the world).

And, in case you were wondering, Bill Richardson did purchase his grandfather’s truck. You will find it sitting, to this day, in his workshop here at Bill Richardson Transport World.

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