1907 Ford Model S Runabout

This 1907 Ford Model S runabout is one glamorous looking vehicle.

Part of the collection of early Ford vehicles once owned by Bill Richardson’s great mate, Darwin-based vintage car collector Jim Cooper, this lustrous, deep-red Henry Ford letter car is a sight for sore eyes. With its elaborate bodywork, the Ford Model S runabout was produced between 1907 and 1909 and, at the time, sold for approximately US$700 – about NZ$24,000 today. About 3,750 of this particular model of Henry Ford letter cars are believed to have been produced during its two-year production run – all part of Ford’s vision to introduce simple, reliable, powerful automobiles that could be produced cheaply and efficiently.

One letter before Henry Ford achieved that goal with his Model T, the Model S featured a removable head cast iron four-cylinder engine, two-speed planetary gearbox, and transverse leaf spring suspension.

The Model S represents a particularly important milestone, not only in the history of Ford letter cars but also in the evolution of the automobile itself: a vital step in shifting the car from the luxurious plaything of the wealthy, to the commonplace and within the reach of the ordinary everyman.

This Ford Model S was restored by Jim Cooper, Bob Travain, and their team before its arrival at Bill Richardson Transport World.

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