1907 Ford Model R Runabout

So successful was the Ford Model R – perhaps in part because of a clever marketing campaign; ‘Watch the Fords Go By’ saw the Detroit-based company’s market share climb to an impressive 25 percent in 1907 – that suppliers found it near impossible to keep up with demand.

The Model R, which burst onto the scene that year, was essentially a refined version of the Ford Model N. With its full front fenders and attaching running boards, the Ford Model R was available in two colours – the elegant Brewster Green, and equally sophisticated Carmine Red. 1907 also marked a key milestone: the first vehicles to feature the use of a ‘spare wheel’ under the rear cover, perfect for those necessary on-the-go tyre changes. Sales on the Model R far exceeded sales forecasts; as a result, Ford parts suppliers found it difficult to keep up with production demand.

Eventually more than 2,500 Ford Model Rs were produced.

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