1904 Ford Model AC Runabout

The Ford Model C Runabout, aka the Doctor’s Car, was essentially a revamped Model A (the first vehicle produced by automobile legend Henry Ford). Consumers also had the option to buy a Model A that featured a Model C engine – a variation known as the Model AC.

Ford’s Model C featured both a more modern appearance and a more powerful engine than the Model A. The engine in the Model C, and subsequently the Model AC, was an opposed twin. This two-cylinder automobile boasts eight horsepower.

It was a fast, light vehicle for its time, capable of hitting up to 30mph (45kmph) and weighing in at a relatively meagre 1,250 pounds (or 566kgs). This vehicle is a rear-axle, chain-driven example and was produced with two forward gears and one in reverse; using brake bands in the planetary transmission to stop.

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