Henry Ford Alphabet Letter Car Collection

His name is synonymous with the classic car. Bill Richardson Transport World is home to a stunning display of Henry Ford Letter Cars - a display believed to be the most complete collection of these revolutionary automobiles in the Southern Hemisphere. 


Henry Ford was a pioneer who left an irrevocable mark on the world of motoring, and the Model T is perhaps the most famous of all vintage vehicles. 

Bill Richardson’s good friend Jim Cooper – himself the owner of a transport business, like Bill – collected vintage vehicles too. Instead of collecting classic trucks, as Bill did, Jim collected vintage Fords. Among the vehicles housed within his own museum, based in Darwin, Australia, was a display of seven of the eight Henry Ford Letter Cars. Bill Richardson Transport World was privileged to be given the opportunity to display that collection here within our own museum.

The display of Henry Ford Letter Cars here at Bill Richardson Transport World is one of the first things visitors to our museum see. Housed within the spectacular, custom-built Bill’s Shed part of our facility, the ever-elusive Model B is the only Henry Ford Letter Car we do not call our own.


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