1938 Ford V8 Flathead Roadster

It doesn’t take much to imagine living a life of glamour, as you stand before this spectacular 1938 Ford V8 Flathead Roadster.

How rare is rare? This model produced by Ford in the late 1930s is not often seen these days, marking this vehicle’s inclusion here at Bill Richardson Transport World one of many highlights you’ll discover while visiting our collection. With just a handful of these automobiles produced, this particular vehicle is believed to be one of the rarest Fords ever built. 

When Ford released its 1938 models, all options came complete with a powerful V8 engine. However, buyers could choose between 60 horsepower or 85 horsepower options.

The 1938 model looked rather drastically different to vehicles manufactured earlier – Ford revamped the vertical oval grille, and made the fenders and bumpers substantial features, giving its styling a completely distinctive appearance.

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