1935 Ford V8 Flathead three-window coupe

The year is 1935, and after decades of dominance over rival manufacturers, Ford was losing traction. The other two manufacturers that made up the ‘Big Three’ – General Motors and Chrysler – were deftly eating into Ford’s market dominance. Something had to change – and change it did.

  • For its 1935 lineup, Ford introduced a series of improvements that saw its fleet of vehicles take the lead once more: a new high-class front end, a revised frame, an engine mounted further forward, a roomier interior, and an all-new riding suspension
  • With its Flathead V8 – just three years old in 1935 – and aluminium cylinder heads producing 90 horsepower, it made for effortless cruising
  • This model was widely-considered to provide a top-notch, high-end engine in the body of an everyman’s car
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