Make your trip south a blast you’ll never forget.

Combine experiences at Invercargill’s three leading visitor attractions: Bill Richardson Transport World, Classic Motorcycle Mecca and Dig This Invercargill.

What’s included?

  • Single person admission to Bill Richardson Transport World.
  • Single person admission to Classic Motorcycle Mecca – home to the best of the best in Classic Motorcycles (from John Britten to Brough Superior and Burt Munro).
  • Take your pick between a Big Dig or a Big Push experience at Dig This Invercargill, New Zealand's only heavy machinery playground.

Frequently Asked Questions

From Brough Superior to Burt Munro and John Britten, Classic Motorcycle Mecca has it all. Ride into yesterday and discover the Southern Hemisphere’s leading classic motorcycle collection. Home to more than 300 vintage motorcycles and a rare artwork collection (all housed in two beautifully-restored heritage buildings in the inner-city) a visit here is a truly mind-blowing experience for enthusiasts and newbies alike.

Dig This Invercargill is New Zealand’s only heavy machinery playground and whether you’re five or 105, this is grunty fun for everyone. Dig This Invercargill gives visitors the chance to have a go at getting behind the controls and operating their choice of diggers, skid steers, or bulldozers. It's fully-instructed by our hard-case and friendly team: get ready to have a heap of fun!

Tough call! Both are bucket-list ticks.

Our Big Dig does what it says on the tin - and more. Dig to your heart's content before a round of digger basketball. Give our 15-tonner a 360-degree whirl and test your skills with digger gymnastics, including a handstand. 

The Big Push is a bulldozer experience. Did you love making sandcastles as a kid? Well, you won't find any seashells here, but you will get to ram a heap of dirt into a giant mound before making your way to the top and back for extra thrills on a 15-tonne dozer.  

Either way, you'll have an absolute blast.

Some age restrictions do apply. You are operating beasts of machinery, after all! Mega Passes (with Big Dig) is restricted to those aged 12 years and above. Mega Passes (with Big Push) is restricted to those aged 14 years and above.

All visitors to Dig This Invercargill will also need to complete a short safety briefing, as well as a breathalyser test, prior to their experience.

All three attractions can be visited on different days. Standard Transport World terms and conditions apply. To view these, please click here